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Student with Education Needs (SEN) Accommodation

HKAC accepts and appreciates diversity in its students, including students with SEN.  We recognize at least three types of SEN: Physical and Sensory Disabilities, Learning and Developmental Disabilities, and Mental Illness. Students with documented SEN are encouraged to inform the College of their disability by contacting the SEN Committee team via the email address at If a student suspects any learning difficulties that are related to SEN, the student is strongly advised to contact the instructor, the dormitory dean, or the SEN Committee as soon as possible.  All information is handled in the strictest confidence HKAC also provides short-term counseling, and testing services to all students on campus at the Counseling Service Center located in Rm 116, Administration Building.  If you are in need of such services, please call (852) 3727-0155 to set up an appointment.

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