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Dormitory Accommodations

Hong Kong Adventist College provides rooms and boards for students who have the need to stay on campus. Our dormitory consists of 230 beds in air-conditioned rooms. Dorm residents are served meals 3 times a day at the school cafeteria.

Hong Kong Adventist College has a history of over a century going all the way back to when it was called ‘The Bethel Girls’ School’ in Canton. It is part of a network of about eight thousand universities, colleges, and academies operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church all over the world.

Hong Kong Adventist College offers boarding facilities for those students who wish to stay on campus and enjoy the benefits of dormitory life. Dormitory life promotes fellowship, teamwork, spiritual growth, and independence. Enriched with experiences of people from different backgrounds and cultures, students learn to respect and care for each other, a fundamental social skill permeating all nationalities.

Days are filled with intellectual endeavors ranging from classes, discussion, research, and extra-curricular activities as well as spiritual development. Vegetarian meals are served in the cafeteria to promote healthy mind and body.

Located on a hill overseeing the beautiful sceneries of mountains and sea, Hong Kong Adventist College provides a conducive learning environment which is unique in Hong Kong. Come and join us at Hong Kong Adventist College and Hong Kong Adventist Academy.


beds in air-conditioned rooms


meals a day at the school cafeteria

5 or 7

days per week options available

2024/2025 Room & Board Fee (per Month)

HK$7,290 (7-Days)

HK$5,580 (5-Days)

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