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Student Ambassadors

Study and get missionary

experience in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Adventist College is looking for U.S. students to study and work as Student Ambassador in Hong Kong for a year. The selected students will be studying part-time and working as an assistant under the practical missionary training program.

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I decided to become a missionary about a year ago and I prayed to God to show me a place where I can go and have my first experience as a student. God answered my prayers through a friend who called me and talked to me about this project here in Hong Kong. So I decided to send my application and see what would happen. Everything worked out smoothly and so I knew it truly was God’s will. Here in HKAC we don’t have many Adventist students, so being able to be a little help here is already a lot. I’ve been able to meet friends from around the world and make friendships that I will never forget. Also, being here as a Student Ambassador makes you feel like you have this huge responsibility for the others so they can learn to follow Jesus’ steps. But it turns out that you end up learning so much more from them as well. If you are interested on becoming an Ambassador, just close your eyes and pray and let God give you the answer. Believe, this place is not an easy field, but God makes things easier. We are just asked to be His faithful ambassadors in this earth, and He does the job. HKAC is waiting for you! Jahzeel Celis

"I’ve been able to meet friends from around the world and make friendships that I will never forget."

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I have been richly blessed to be a student ambassador this year. From the moment I arrived on campus, this place felt like home. I have learned a lot about myself and the many different cultures represented on this campus. As an ambassador I am both a staff member and a student. Some of my favorite activities and responsibilities have been leading out in worship programs, taking a few classes, socializing with the students, giving bible studies, playing violin with my roommates, planning games/social events, and making short trips to sightsee. I know God is working through each person here. I love how all of us, including staff, administrators, church pastors, student ambassadors, and SDA students are all one team focused on doing whatever it takes to lead students to meet Christ as their personal Savior.  Illiana Dialectakis 

"From the moment I arrived on campus, this place felt like home."

Student Ambassador Objective:

To increase the spiritual atmosphere on the Hong Kong Adventist College campus and prepare missionaries for work in Asian countries.



  • Build up personal network in Asia

  • Gain great working experience in an Asian cultures

  • Take courses related to the Chinese culture

  • Free tuition (Up to 8 credits per semester) Credits are transferrable to all SDA universities

  • Free lodging in the HKAC dormitory

  • Free meals (3 meals a day) at the campus cafeteria

  • Earn up to US $2,000 Scholarship at the end of the program (Based on performance)

  • Free medical insurance coverage policy



  • A full-time student who has completed at least one full year of college

  • Excellent English speaking and writing skills

  • Strong leadership and communication skills

  • A spiritual, mission minded, mature and responsible SDA Member


"My experience has been life-changing to say the least." 


"Becoming a Student Ambassador has led me to become both a teacher and a disciple in my walk with Christ..." 


Students need to pay their travel and incidental expenses (around US$2,000) while living in Hong Kong



If you are interested, please send your (a) Resume, (b) Academic Transcripts, (c) the Copy of Passport and (d) Completed Application Form to and put "Student Ambassador" as the subject.

Download Application Form



WhatsApp: +852 5499 1663

Phone: +852 2719 1668


Facebook: Hong Kong Adventist College

Apply to be a Student Ambassador

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