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Apply to HKAC

HKAC is a place where faith and academics intersect, providing a home away from home. Whether you are seeking an undergraduate degree, a professional diploma, or part-time studies, we are confident that you will find what you are looking for.

Please apply below or contact us with any questions you may have.

Pre-Registration Scheme

Students are welcome to apply for the Pre-registration Scheme at Andrews University with grade reports from Form 3 to Form 5. Successful applicants who pass the admission interview may receive an early admission acceptance and a Pre-registration Scholarship in advance.


How to apply:
1. Complete the Pre-registration Scheme Form.
2. Provide grade reports from Form 3 to Form 5.

3. Attend the admission interview.
4. Receive a confirmation of either an EARLY or CONDITIONAL acceptance.
5. Receive a confirmation of the Pre-registration Scholarship.

Requirements for Conditional Acceptance:
1. Andrews University Bachelor Programs
• Regular: 33222 in HKDSE.

2. Andrews University Bachelor Programs
• PTC: 10 points in 5 subjects.

3. HD in Health and Rehabilitation Services
• 22222 in HKDSE.

4. Diploma in Pre-University Studies
• For Form 6 graduates.


QF logon.jpg

HKCAAVQ No.: 13/000572/L3

Vaild from 01/09/2012 to 31/08/2024

Qualifications Framework :  Level 3

​資歷架構 : 第三級

QF logon.jpg

HKCAAVQ No.: 21/000501/L4

Vaild from 01/06/2021 to 31/05/2024

Qualifications Framework :  Level 4

​資歷架構 : 第四級

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