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2023/2024 School Year

Bachelor & Associate Degree

  • Per Semester: HK$30,000  

  • Per Year: HK$60,000

Higher Diploma in Health & Rehabilitation Services

  • Per Semester: HK$18,000

  • Per Year: HK$36,000

Higher Diploma in Enrolled Nursing

  • Per Semester: HK$46,350

  • Per Year: HK$92,700

Diploma in Pre-University Studies
(This program is eligible for reimbursement from the Continuing Education Fund (CEF)

  • Per Installment: HK$4,365

  • Per Year: HK$34,920  

Room & Board (Per Month)

  • 5 Days: HK$5,360

  • 7 Days: HK$7,035

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