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Department of Psychology


To provide people-oriented education leading to the mission of promoting wellbeing and restoring relationships with God and among ourselves.


The Department of Psychology aims to provide students with knowledge and skills in the study of human behaviors and relationships through salient discoveries and procedures accumulated from research in psychology. Students will obtain a thorough understanding of the discipline, including the areas of clinical, developmental, and educational psychology. Instruction is both theoretical and practical. As part of their practical training, students will engage in laboratory work and field experience where they will apply the knowledge obtained. In harmony with the holistic approach to education and Seventh-day Adventists values, the students will not only be prepared to enter and contribute to a productive society as professional but will be empowered to utilize their acquired knowledge and skills in furthering the mission of Seventh-day Adventists: restoring men and women to the image of their Maker.


To inspire people to embrace Jesus’ purpose for our lives: “... that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10)


CHANGE necessary for growth. OPENNESS to foster the ideal environment for communication. RESPECT of individual differences and cultural diversity. EMPATHY to better understand the needs of others.


Department Director/Associate Professor/Clinical Psychologist
Anna Liu, PhD
Rm 116
Associate Professor
Priscilla Wong, MA
Rm 109
Adjunct Professor
Alison Lee, PsyD
Rm 109
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