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Local Payment Methods of Tuition:

1. Online payment for overseas transactions ONLY

  • Please see below for overseas payment methods.

  • Note: Credit card payment is accepted.


2. Online banking (if you have an HK local bank account)

  • Fast Payment System (FPS) ID: 161-451-166 (Hong Kong Adventist College)

  • Please write the student's name on the reference area, and send us a copy of the transfer by email ( or WhatsApp (852) 5743 1611.

3. Direct transfer

  • Hong Kong Adventist College’s bank account info:


  • Bank name: HANG SENG BANK

  • Bank code: 024

  • Bank account name: Hong Kong Adventist College

  • Bank account number: 204-3-011010

  • Please write the student's name on the reference area, and send us a copy of the transfer by email ( or WhatsApp (852) 5743 1611.

4. In-Person

  • Cash or Cheque is accepted at our Accounting Office

  • Location: G/F, Administration Building, Hong Kong Adventist College

  • Office Hours: Monday – Thursday 10:00am-5:00pm, Friday 10:00am-3:00pm, Closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays


5. Mail

  • Please send a crossed cheque made payable to “HONG KONG ADVENTIST COLLEGE” and write the student name on the back of your cheque.

  • Please mail to: 1111 Clear Water Bay Road, Sai Kung, Hong Kong. Attn: Account office.

  • Please do not send cash.

Local Methods
International Student Payment

Hong Kong Adventist College has partnered with Flywire to streamline the international payment process.

Flywire allows you to pay securely from any country and any bank, typically in your home currency.


By making your payment with Flywire you can:

  • Track your payments from start to finish

  • Eliminate hidden fees

  • Save on bank fees and exchange rates

  • Contact their multilingual customer support team with any questions, day or night


To get started, click or go to to begin the payment process.

If you have questions about making an international payment, visit

Flywire Customer Support Information



US Toll Free: 1-800-346-9252
US local number: 1-617-207-7076

How to make a payment

1. Go to Enter your payment amount and country of origin.

2. Create your account or log into your existing Flywire account, then enter some basic information to initiate your payment booking.

3. Follow the instructions provided to send funds to Flywire. For debit/credit card payments, enter your card details online to complete your payment in your home currency. Note: Additional local payment options may be available depending on the country you are paying from.

4. Track your payment by logging into your Flywire account at any time. Receive text and email status updates each step of the way, including a confirmation when your payment has been delivered to your institution.

International Methods
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