Pre-registration Scheme


Hong Kong Adventist College offers various diploma and degree programmes pre-registration for current Secondary 6 students. If you are a S6 student and would like to plan your tertiary level studies, we welcome you to pre-register with us. Our pre-registration scheme included the following services:

  1. Reserve a place in the diploma or degree programme of your choice

  2. Gain priority for an admission interview and have a higher chance of getting admitted

  3. Receive a conditional offer

  4. Secure a Pre-register Scholarship


Basic admission requirements:

  1. For Andrews University degree programmes - Regular Admission (HKDSE: 3,3,2,2,2)

  2. For Andrews University degree programmes - Permit to Take Class (HKDSE: 10 points in 5 subjects)

  3. For Diploma in Pre-University Studies – HKDSE level 2 or above in any subject

HonG KonG

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