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Student Ambassadors

Study and get missionary

experience in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Adventist College is looking for U.S. students to study and work as Student Ambassador in Hong Kong for a year. The selected students will be studying part-time and working as an assistant under the practical missionary training program.


Two Southern Adventist University student missionaries (SMs) had a unique opportunity in Hong Kong last year. Theology majors Edvan Benitez and Mauricio Jaldin attended Hong Kong Adventist College, where most of the enrolled students are not Seventh-day Adventists. They served as “friendship evangelists,” studying part-time while working as assistants for the practical missionary training program, organizing events and other occasions for social interaction while making friends. 
Benitez said it wasn’t easy at first; some of the students were reserved, but once trust was established in the relationships, he and Jaldin were accepted and loved unconditionally.

As the weeks in Hong Kong flew by, Benitez and Jaldin noticed a gap in the spiritual programming available to the college students. With support from the president of the college, the SMs organized Connection, a student-led church that met once a week and provided fellowship and spiritual enrichment, followed by a potluck meal. On average, 35 students participated each Sabbath. The friends shared communion, went on spiritual retreats together, and learned about Jesus. Six members, including three who were roommates of the SMs, committed to baptism.


Benitez and Jaldin also spent a week serving in the Philippines, focusing on humanitarian work with low-income families and leading out in children’s programming and an evangelistic series. Both SMs preached, and 12 people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and were baptized.

“Serving in Asia was the highlight of the past few years for me,” Jaldin said. “It was especially meaningful to see how God led in the friendships we made.”

Benitez added, “I will never forget the students’ farewell to us—so many gifts, so many letters. In the end, I know that God helped us to fulfill our purpose there.”

By Victoria Mills  (The above article and photos  are reprinted with permission by  Southern Adventist University)

Student Ambassador Objective:

To increase the spiritual atmosphere on the Hong Kong Adventist College campus and prepare missionaries for work in Asian countries.



  • Build up personal network in Asia

  • Gain great working experience in an Asian cultures

  • Take courses related to the Chinese culture

  • Free tuition (Up to 8 credits per semester) Credits are transferrable to all SDA universities

  • Free lodging in the HKAC dormitory

  • Free meals (3 meals a day) at the campus cafeteria

  • Earn up to US $2,000 Scholarship at the end of the program (Based on performance)

  • Free medical insurance coverage policy



  • A full-time student who has completed at least one full year of college

  • Excellent English speaking and writing skills

  • Strong leadership and communication skills

  • A spiritual, mission minded, mature and responsible SDA Member


Students need to pay their travel and incidental expenses (around US$2,000) while living in Hong Kong



If you are interested, please send your (a) Resume, (b) Academic Transcripts, (c) the Copy of Passport and (d) Completed Application Form to and put "Student Ambassador" as the subject.

Download Application Form



WhatsApp: +852 5499 1663

Phone: +852 2719 1668


Facebook: Hong Kong Adventist College

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