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Bachelor of Technology in Aviation Flight
(Overseas Program)

Department of Aviation

An aviation degree will open up a world of careers. Literally. Work as a 
healthcare, mission or airline pilot. You can even join the military, teach in
aviation school or work for Air Traffic Control. If you enjoy mechanics, a 
maintenance degree will prep you for work in plane operations and 
aerospace manufacturing.

Bachelor programs:
-    Bachelor of Technology in Aviation (Flight)
-    Bachelor of Technology in Aviation (Flight and Maintenance)
-    Bachelor of Technology in Aviation (Flight and Management)
-    Bachelor of Technology in Aviation (Maintenance)
-    Bachelor of Technology in Aviation (Maintenance and Management)

Bachelor of Technology in Aviation Flight

The Bachelor of Technology in Aviation Flight program prepares the individual for a career as a professional pilot. It provides the training to be eligible for the 1000-hour restricted ATP license. It is the recommended track for the student that wants to become an airline pilot or corporate pilot. The degree requires the completion of the Commercial Pilot Certificate with single and multi-engine ratings and the Certified Flight Instructor certificate. 

Student Learning Octcomes

   ●     Demonstrates an understanding of aircraft performance and design, systems, and operations.
   ●     Exhibits an understanding of aviation safety and human factors.
   ●     Demonstrates knowledge of safe operations within the national airspace system.
   ●     Demonstrates an understanding of meteorology and environmental issues.
   ●     Obtains the appropriate Federal Aviation Administration certifications.

Student Learning Octcomes

Course Structure


The Aviation Flight program is typically a 4-year full time program. It consists 
of a total of 124 semester credits. Students will study 1 year in Hong Kong 
and 3 years in U.S. to complete the program.

Major courses
   -    AFLT 110 - Basic Aircraft Systems 
   -    AFLT 121 - Flight Training 1 
   -    AFLT 122 - Flight Training 2 
   -    AFLT 226 - Flight Training 3 
   -    AFLT 227 - Flight Training 4 
   -    AFLT 321 - Flight Training 5 
   -    AFLT 322 - Flight Training 6 
   -    AFLT 323 - Flight Training 7 
   -    AFLT 324 - Flight Training 8 
   -    AFLT 426 - Multiengine Flight Training 

Major courses
   -    AFLT 115 - Private Pilot Ground School 
   -    AFLT 215 - Instrument Pilot Ground School 
    -    AFLT 220 - Meteorology 
    -    AFLT 230 - Aerodynamics 
    -    AFLT 300 - Aviation Safety Management 
    -    AFLT 305 - Commercial Pilot Ground School 
   -    AFLT 310 - Advanced Systems 
   -    AFLT 340 - Airspace and Air Traffic Control 
   -    AFLT 415 - Basic Physiology for Pilots 
   -    AFLT 430 - Crew Resource Management 


Andrews University’s Aviation program is accredited by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the aircrafts are professionally maintained by Andrew’s own FAA-certified mechanics

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