A Year of College in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Adventist College (HKAC) would like to invite students from North America to come to study at our college to experience Asian culture for 1 year or 1 semester.  In additional to learning Chinese in a Chinese environment, students can also earn a full year of college credits from Andrews University with less than half of the cost studying in United States or Canada!


We hope to give students the best Chinese cultural experiences within the year by providing them opportunities to visit historical and cultural sites in Hong Kong and China.  Most importantly, students can widen their perspective in a different part of the world and also build up their personal network in China.

Tuition Fee

The total cost of this learning experience will be $15,000(USD) for 1 year or $8,500(USD) for 1 semester all inclusive.  This price includes:

  • 2 semesters of tuition, 12-16 credit hours per semester,

  • 9 months of room & board,

  • Round trip ticket between U.S. and Hong Kong,

  • A trip to China per semester. One trip to Beijing and the other to Xi'an.

Courses Offered

We currently have 3 off campus majors, Psychology, Health, and Religion, from Andrews University.  All students admitted to HKAC will be admitted as students of Andrews University.

In additional to the 3 majors’ courses, all our general education courses are credited with Andrews University as well.  Meaning all courses taken at HKAC, like English, Chinese language, psychology, health, religion, biology, physics, and many other courses will be earned with Andrews’ credits.  These credits will be recognized by all universities in North America as well as most of the world.

HonG KonG

Tel: (852) 2719-1668

Monday - Thursday 8:00AM - 5:30PM 
Friday 8:00AM - 3:00 PM 


103M Minibus from Tseung Kwan O

91 Bus from Diamond Hill

103 Minibus from Kwun Tong

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