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The Diploma in Pre-University Studies is a one-year locally accredited program designed for students who are interested in university education. The main purpose of this diploma is to equip students with academic skills for university studies. Through a year of study, students are academically and professionally prepared in English and Chinese communications in areas such as social science, mathematics, computer, health, psychology, and/or business.



Programme Objectives
1.    To improve students’ personal and academic preparation for entrance into tertiary-level degree programmes;
2.    To increase students’ confidence in utilising basic communication skills and functional abilities for entrance into the free enterprise world;
3.    To furnish students with a broad background and discipline-specific knowledge required for acceptance into collegiate programmes;
4.    To advance students’ development of Christian moral, ethical, and social responsibilities toward society.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)
1.    To apply knowledge of the social science and mathematics fundamentals to the understanding of social issues and natural phenomena.
2.    To communicate effectively in English and Chinese.
3.    To use a range of life skills to support and enhance academic learning.
4.    To understand a person’s moral and ethical responsibility to his/her family, society, nation and environment.
5.    To apply knowledge to general education to solve personal and interpersonal problems.
6.    To recognise and respond to the need for developing personal competence and life-long learning.

Admission Criteria
1.    Completion of Secondary 6 under the New Senior Secondary Education Structure; or 
2.    Equivalent qualifications; or  
3.    Mature students aged 21 or above; and
4.    Admission interview.

Upon completion, there are two suggested paths for students to pursue further study.


Accreditation and Subsidy認受性與資助

This program is recognized under the Qualifications Framework as meeting the accreditation standards at Qualifications Framework Level 3 (13/000572/L3 Validity Period:01/09/2012-31/08/2024) and registered under the Continuing Education Fund (CEF) for reimbursement upon completion.

More Information about CEF, Click Here

本課程在資歷架構下獲得認可,屬資歷架構下第三級別 (13/000572/L3 有效期:01/09/2012-31/08/2024) 的課程。完成課程後,學員亦可透過持續進修基金申請發還部份課程費用。

有關持續進修基金的資訊, 請點擊這裡 




Study in Hong Kong在港修讀

In affiliation with Andrews University, our college offers bachelor programs on campus. All the course materials are provided by Andrews University. Upon completion, students will be awarded a graduation certificate by Andrews University as well.


同學可以選擇本院與美國Andrews University合辦的4年制學士學位課程,所有課程均由Andrews University提供,學位亦直接由美國本校頒發。

4-year Bachelor Degree                       四年制學士學位課程

BSc in Psychology                              - 心理學理學士

- BHS in Wellness (Fitness Emphasis)  - 健康學(體適能)理學士

- BA in Religion                                     - 宗教學文學士

2-year Associate Degree                      兩年制副學士課程

- AS in General Business                      - 商務理學副學士




2+2 Degree Programs / 2+2大學計劃

Students can choose to study in our affiliated institutions, either Andrews University or La Sierra University in the U.S., through the 2+2 Degree Programs with up to 50% tuition scholarship. This program allows students to spend the first 2 years of study in Hong Kong and transfer to one of the universities to complete the whole program.


本院與美國Andrews University和La Sierra University合作,推出「2+2大學計劃」,助同學留美升學。透過此課程,同學可先在港修讀兩年,後轉到其中一所聯校修畢課程。主修選擇多元化,在美修讀期間更可享高達半價的獎學金。